Theodore Grant Glover, a school teacher and stern disciplinarian, was born at Matthew Town, Inagua to James and Evelyn Glover, on 19 May 1912.

His teaching career began at the age of 12, when he was hired as a monitor at the Public School at Inagua. In 1930 he entered the Government High School as a "student-in-training." At the end of his training, he was sent to the Eastern Senior School. Later he acted as Headmaster at the Victoria School, on East Bay Street, near Armstrong Street.

In 1933, he was appointed Headmaster at the Colonel Hill, Public School, Crooked Island. His tenure lasted five years. In 1938, after some training at Tuskegee Institute, Alabama, he became Headmaster of the school at Roses, Long Island. Between 1940 and 1941, he received further education at Tuskegee. However, he returned to Roses after the end of his academic training.

In 1943, he became Headmaster of the Western Senior School in Nassau, and in 1961 he was removed from the teaching arena and placed in the administrative section of the Board of Education as an Acting Education Officer. He remained at the Education Headquarters until June 1972, when he retired as Deputy Director of Education after 48 years of service in the field. A primary school is named in his honour.

Ted Glover was married, and he and his wife, Lilith, had eight children.

He died on 5 September 1982.