The Department of Archives receives numerous visits by researchers looking for FAMILY HISTORY or PROPERTY. To help narrow the search, researchers are asked to know one or more of the following details about their ANCESTOR or FAMILY:

Place of Birth
Date of Birth
Father's Name
Spouse's Name
Place of Death
Mother's Name
Date of Marriage
Religious Denomination
Place of Marriage
Researchers can use the following documents to aid in their family search:
Census Records
Slave Records
Compensation Returns
Slave Registers
Register of Freed Slaves
Local Government and Commissioner's Report
Maps and Plans
Church Records
Cemetery Records
Naturalization Records
Land Records
Estate Records

Deeds, Indentures and Conveyances
Probate Papers
Bahamas Staff List
Blue Books
Government High School Files
Voters List

Jury List
Contract Labour Records
Birth, Marriage and Death Records


NOTE: The Department of Archives holds SOME records from the REGISTRAR GENERAL'S DEPARTMENT and the DEPARTMENT OF LANDS AND SURVEYS. However, MICROFILM COPIES and ORIGINALS are available at these departments.


Department of Archives, P. O. Box SS-6341, Nassau, N. P., Bahamas, TELEPHONE: (242) 393-2175, 393-2855 FAX: (242) 393-2555