The Information Technology Unit has two main functions: to convert existing media to digital form and to produce digital media for distribution to researchers, educators and the general public.

Ongoing conversion projects include archived audio and videotape, photography, film and microfilm sources which are transferred to CD and DVD for archival use. The projects require the location of players for the analog media, some of which have not been accessible for many years due to outdated formats for which there are no players still in production. Once in digital form the files are renovated, and in some cases re-edited, in order to improve the listening/ viewing experience.


The production of CDs and DVDs for distribution to private collections is important for public awareness and accessibility to the many aspects of Bahamian History conserved at The Department of Archives. The discs are attractively labeled and presented in an informative jewel case. In some instances, a multi-media Learning Package had been created using photocopies of old newspapers, the disc itself and question and answer sheets relating to the subject matter. A list of available media with price structure is available for download. Please click on the link above.

Future plans for the Unit include internet access to all digitalised media, the central archiving of digitalised items in a secure server with automatic backup facility and the creation of a media production studio for the pro-active recording of Bahamian personalities and events of historical interest.

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