Land Records provide genealogists with a wealth of information. Ownership of land gave credence to economic status. When the Bahamas was granted to Sir Robert Heath in 1629 all the land was considered Crown Land. However in 1670 through a Royal Grant, six of the Carolina Lords Proprietors became owners of the archipelago. This changed in 1717 when Royal government was instituted and land ownership reverted to the Crown.

Researchers can visit the Registrar General's Department located in the Rodney Bain Building and the Department of Lands and Surveys for records dating from 1964 to the present. In addition, Bahamas Title Research, Shirley and Parliament Streets is another resource centre.

For further textual help researchers can peruse literature such as Homeward Bound: A History of the Bahama Islands to 1850 with a definitive Study of Abaco in the American Loyalist Plantation Period by Sandra Riley, Exuma: The Loyalist Years 1783 - 1834 by W. H. James, The Early Settlers of The Bahamas and Colonists of North America by Talbot A. Bethel and The Wyannie Malone Genealogy Vol., 1 (Six Generations) by McAleer and McAleer.